PRIVACY STATEMENT Grandeco WallFashion Group Belgium n.v.

It is important to us that our customers can trust us without any hesitation. We therefore make a point of protecting your privacy as much as possible. In order to be able to carry out our work and to offer you an optimal service, we collect certain personal data of our customers and users of our products and services. It goes without saying that we use this information with the utmost care and that we manage these data in a safe and respectful way.
In our Privacy Policy below, you can read more about the kind of data which are collected and the purposes for which they are used. Everyone should have control over their own personal data and, therefore, we want to give all of you the chance to decide which data you want to share with us or not.

1.    Who is protected by our Privacy Policy?
This Privacy Policy applies to all our customers using the services and products of Grandeco Wallfashion Group Belgium n.v. established in Wakkensesteenweg 49, 8700 Tielt, Belgium, and all its subsidiary companies (hereinafter “Grandeco”). This Privacy Policy also applies when you visit our offices and the website(s) management by us.
The Law of 8 December 1992 (“Privacy Law”) and the Law of 13 June 2015 “Electronic Communications Law”) and its accompanying implementing decrees regulate the protection of your personal data. We undertake to comply with our obligations and to respect your rights whenever we process your data.

2.    What does ‘processing of data’ mean and who is responsible for it?
By ‘processing of data’, we mean any processing of personal data. The term ‘processing’ covers, among other things, the collecting, recording, organising, storing, updating, altering, retrieving, consulting, using, distributing or otherwise making available, the assembling, interrelating or finally destroying of personal data.

Grandeco is responsible for the processing of your personal data. 

3.    Which data do we process?
By ‘personal data’, we mean any data relating to an identifiable person (the ‘data subject’), and 
-    which you give us voluntarily
-    which we assign to you for the use of our products and services
-    which we obtain through the use of our products and services, and 
-    which we received through third parties. All the data we collect may be interrelated to better tailor our offers and services to your personal needs. 

We do not process sensitive information, such as data about your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, sexual preferences and health status.

We process personal data for various purposes. We always only process the data which are strictly necessary to achieve our intended objective.
We will use personal data in the following manner:
-    with your consent
-    in execution of a contract
-    to comply with our legal or regulatory obligation
-    in case Grandeco has a legitimate interest which outweighs the interest of the data subject.

Grandeco will process your personal data to compile statistics, to comply with the regulations and to provide you with the requested products or services. Grandeco may also use these personal data to inform you about our products and services, unless you expressly object to this.

By accepting our terms and conditions, you grant permission to Grandeco to use your personal data to send automated e-mail messages or other electronic messages or marketing information on our products and services.

The personal data are stored by Grandeco or on its instructions in a central file kept at its registered office or in a designated storage location of a party called upon by Grandeco.

4.    How do we secure your data?
We guarantee that the security policy we apply when processing personal data is always sufficient, in conformity with the current state of the art, to guard ourselves against unauthorised access, disclosure or loss.

5.    Confidentiality
In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, only authorised persons have access to the personal data. These persons may only process the data in case it this necessary for achieving the objectives.

Grandeco guarantees that it has taken sufficient practical and organisational measures to ensure the  confidentiality of data in its internal processes.

6.    Do we sell your data to third parties or do we transfer your data?
We do not sell personal data to third parties, nor do we transfer them to third parties, except :
-    to our legal successors and other companies within Grandeco
-    this is required for the provision of our services
-    we are subject to a legal obligation
-    there is a legitimate interest for Grandeco or the third party concerned
-    we obtain your consent for it

In case of an international transfer of personal data, we protect your data according to the level of protection required by European regulations.
We may use anonymous, aggregated data for commercial purposes or for external reporting. These data can never be linked to any specific individual.

7.    What are your rights and how can you exercise them?
The customer can always, on simple request, review his/her personal data, have them corrected or removed. 

Furthermore, the customer has the right to request at any time to no longer use his/her data for direct marketing purposes.

The customer can always send an e-mail to that effect to

8.    Stay informed of alterations
It goes without saying that the processing of personal data may evolve over time as a result of amended legislation, technical progress, … Grandeco therefore reserves the right to alter this Privacy Policy in the future, if necessary. In case this happens, it will inform its customers in an appropriate way.



1. General

1.1. This cookie statement (“Cookie Statement”) applies to the websites (“Website”) managed by GrandecoWallFashion Group Belgium n.v., with its registered office in 8700 Tielt (Belgium), Wakkensesteenweg 49 (hereinafter referred to as “Grandeco”, “we”, or “us”).

1.2. The Cookie Statement clarifies which cookies are used when you use the Website. At the top of the Website, you will be invited to agree with the use of cookies as described in this Statement. If you do not agree with this Cookie Statement, you need to cease all activities on the Website.

1.3. The use of cookies by Grandeco is a part of the general policy of Grandeco regarding the protection of your privacy and the processing of your personal data. Additional information on this topic, and an overview of your rights in this respect, can be found in our “Privacy Statement”.

1.4. The terms and conditions that govern your use of the Website can be found in our Terms of Use.

2. What are cookies?

2.1. “Cookies” are small files which are saved on your device when visiting web pages. They contain information linked to a web browser and to the specific website. Cookies consist of two components: the name and the content. They are saved in a specific folder on your hard disk and have a unique ID and duration. If you return to a certain website, its pages can recognize the visitor through the cookie, and continue to build the user history on the site. Some cookies are automatically removed when you leave the website. Others will remain on your device as long as you do not remove them yourself.

2.2. Cookies are not considered active executive software and are therefore not harmful for your device. They are also not always of a commercial nature. Cookies are used to improve user comfort: by identifying users through a cookie, the user does not have to fill in the same data every time, for instance login data or display settings. Furthermore, cookies are used to map the visitors’ browsing behaviour. Which pages are visited, and how many? Through which route, and how long does the visitor stay on the website? Based on these results, the website can be modified and better adapted to the interests and needs of its visitors.

3. What types of cookies are there, and which types of cookies does the Grandeco Website use?

The Grandeco Website uses different types of cookies. Below you can find a list of the different types of commonly used cookies, along with a detailed list of the cookies we use.

Cookies that are absolutely necessary (type 1)
These cookies are required in order to keep the website running properly. Without these cookies, some services would be inaccessible.

Functional cookies (type 2)
These cookies improve the comfort and operation of websites and allow several functions to be used. Language settings are saved in functional cookies, for example.
Performance cookies (type 3)
These cookies gather information on how you are using a website. Performance cookies help us to identify the most frequently visited areas of our range of internet services. In this way, we can adjust the content of our websites more efficiently to your needs, and improve the services we offer. These cookies are not used to collect personal data.

Third-party cookies (type 4)
These cookies are left behind by third parties, such as social networking sites. They are primarily used for integrating social media content on our pages, such as social plug-ins. Additional information on our use of social plug-ins can be found in the ‘Social plug-ins’ section of our Privacy Statement.

Detailed cookie information

Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics also uses cookies. There are cookies created by Google (Google Analytics cookies) and so-called ‘Double Click Cookies’. The information gathered by those cookies through your use of the website (including your IP address) is transferred to one of Google Inc.’s servers, and is saved there. Google uses this information in order to analyse your use of our website, to generate reports of the website activities, and to offer services that relate to the use of the website and of the internet, in particular functions for Display advertising and remarketing. For this purpose, we use the advertising functions of Google Analytics. These advertising functions are a collection of functions for which the advertising cookies of Google are used. Specifically, this entails remarketing with Google Analytics, reports for Google Display Network, integrations of the DoubleClick platform, and reports for demographic and interest categories of Google Analytics. Additional information on these advertising functions can be found here: 

Google may transfer the information it received to third parties. Google will under no circumstances combine your IP address with other data Google has collected. By using this website, you agree that Google uses the information it has collected about you as described above. You can prevent the installation of cookies by Google Analytics through a specific setting in your browser.

Additional information and instructions on how to download and install this deactivation add-on can be found here:

4. Cookie management

4.1. By adjusting your browser settings you can refuse the installation of cookies. You can also remove the cookies that were previously installed on your computer or mobile device at any time.

If you want to refuse the advertising cookies (e.g. from Google or Criteo), you can do this through the website

If you do not want to see ads based on your browsing behaviour and the remarketing cookies, such as those issued by Google, you can change the settings of the Google Ads Preferences Manager. Google even recommends that you install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

4.2. Below, you will find an overview of the possibilities that browsers offer to manage cookies.

Google Chrome

Open your browser. Click the Chrome menu and choose settings. Click Advanced Settings and in the ‘Privacy’ section, click the Content Settings button. Under ‘Cookies’, you can change the cookie settings and also remove cookies.

Internet Explorer

Open your browser. Click on Tools/Extra and then on Internet options. Click the ‘Privacy’ section and use the slider to choose the desired level. You can also manually adjust this by clicking Advanced. There is a distinction between permanent and direct cookies (first party cookies), permanent indirect cookies (third party cookies) and temporary cookies (session cookies). You can remove cookies through the internet options main screen.

Mozilla Firefox

Open your browser. Click on the menu button and choose Options. Then, select ‘Privacy’. Choose Use Firefox Custom settings for history. In order to enable cookies, check the box Accept website cookies. In order to disable cookies, uncheck it. Firefox also offers you the possibility to disable third party cookies. You can also change the duration of time in which cookies may be stored. By clicking Show cookies, you can remove one or more cookies.


Open your browser. In Safari, cookie management is limited to a single screen. In the Preferences tab, click on ‘Privacy’. You will have three possibilities to accept cookies. You can also remove cookies through ‘Remove all website data’.


Open your browser. Click the Extra menu and then Preferences. Through Advanced and Cookies, you can change the cookie settings. You also have the possibility to remove new cookies automatically after closing down each internet session. You can also decide which cookies may be sent to your computer, by clicking Ask me before accepting cookies. Every time a website wants to store a cookie, a dialog box will pop up.

5. Alterations

5.1. Grandeco reserves the right to alter this Cookie Statement at any time. It is your personal responsibility to read through the applicable Cookie Statement regularly and to consider the latest version. This Cookie Statement was last altered and revised in May 2018.