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Each of us has a personality that is distinct and unique, and the opportunity to reflect our own tastes and preferences in our living spaces is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 


GrandecoBoutique wallpapers transform dreams into designs. As testimony to the art of self-expression, every GrandecoBoutique wallpaper is designed by an artist who understands that walls shape the space where experiences take place.

Welcome to a sensual journey of colour, light, texture and even sound for an immensely gratifying multisensory experience.

Every GrandecoBoutique wallpaper has been developed to tap deep into the realm of passion and evoke emotions to which all of the senses cannot help but respond.

In the newest collection, GrandecoBoutique embarks on an exceptional collaboration with top designer Karin Sajo. Sajo grew up in the atelier of her father, a painter, and rose to fame in the fashion world at Studio Dior and Jean-Paul Gaultier. For Grandeco, this Parisian designer came up with a collection that unites sea and earth, two of her most important sources of inspiration, into a harmonious unity of colour and matter.

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With a great number of diverse and trendy collections, the WallFashion portfolio offers endless possibilities. Discover the three newest wallpaper collections, each with their own unique style:

Grandeco’s designs always are on-trend. Take ‘Plains & Murals for example. This collection combines a number of atmospheric digital murals – with a slight hint to the Flemish Masters and the textile heritage of Belgium – with strong plains that almost all have a textile structure.

Universe is another new addition to the Grandeco WallFashion collection, with strong plains. This wallpaper has a 106 cm width and blends sophisticated textile structures and fresh patterns into a special passe-partout collection, that you can mix and match to your own liking.

With the 3rd WallFashion collection, you can make your home feel like a vacation getaway. The timeless Aurora collection is inspired by the tactile world and by artisan products from the Indonesian islands.

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Welcome to the first collection of wallpapers designed with real people in mind… what’s your personality?

With this engaging conversation-starter, GrandecoLife aims to start a helpful dialogue with every person seeking to be inspired as they make decisions about purchasing wallpaper and decorating their home. With wallpapers created for every personality, it's easy to feel at home in rooms that reflect your individual style.

And with seven inspiring names that reach out to make a connection, GrandecoLife ensures that your personal style is the starting point of every decorating project that we help you bring to LIFE

From the romantic ideals of the Collector to the savvy futuristic dreams of every Designer, GrandecoLife translates every personality into accessible, affordable and easy-to-apply designs that make every room a perfect reflection of you.

Get set to discover seven self-expressive wallpaper collections that get to the heart of real people as they decorate rooms that reflect their unique personality.

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You can find some trendy and dynamic collection in Vertical Art. Besides the collections Orion and Infintiy, there is the new collection Gravity. 

This collection epitomises all the beauty in between earth and space, such as tropical Monstera leaves and abstract lunar scenes in futuristic colours. Moreover, for ‘Gravity’ top quality blown vinyl is used, a technical expertise mastered by Grandeco and which in fact enables them to bring young, hip and top-quality collections to the market.

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