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Exceptional wall decoration with international allure that reflects our Belgian textile heritage. With GrandecoBoutique we are specifically targeting customers seeking an added value. Each wall is a canvas and together we will transform yours into a masterpiece of refined patterns, delicate finishings and superior materials.

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Collections in GrandecoBoutique



The Belize collection showcases the island's unparalleled beauty.

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Pure & Protect


Atmosphere is our trendy and antivirus wallpaper collection. Unleash your creativeness with this unique wallpaper!

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Cumaru is a wallpaper collection with designs full of leaf motifs, tree patterns, wood structures and a sublime gloss. Perfect for a sustainable interior.

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Experience the thrill of vibrant, artistic designs on luxurious wall decoration.

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Discover the fragile beauty and the special power of the four natural elements in this sophisticated wallpaper collection.

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