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Travel with us through the Belize collection and bring home unseen natural treasures. Expect a wallpaper collection that reveals itself as a timeless yet contemporary and abstract interpretation of ancient natural elements on your wall. The designs combine trendy hues with captivating textures and glossy details. Perfect for casual chic wallpaper that makes you dream of adventurous travels to faraway places.

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Dioriet Impressions

Take the cross-section of natural rock, shape it to a geometric model and you get Diorite. The refined structures and subtle golden pointillism in this minimalist wallpaper design are very fascinating. Decorate your whole room with Diorite or combine with the fine stripes of Bois Flotté. Available in a diverse colour palette; from bright red to dark khaki and warm gold.


For me, the most beautiful designs can be found in nature. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me.

Designer Patricia Middernacht

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