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Grandeco WallFashion

These are our evergreens: timeless and high-quality. The designers of our WallFashion collections tell the most wonderful tales, each centred around a different theme, such as nature or world cities. The WallFashion wallpaper collection is available in different widths: 53 and 106 centimetres.

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Collections in Grandeco WallFashion


Maison is a trendy wallpaper collection for a homy interior. Combine the diversity of patterns and colours and choose wallpaper that charms and surprises.

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Jack 'n Rose 2024

The Jack 'n Rose wallpaper collection was inspired by life in the forest and the jungle. Wallpaper the children's bedroom with lovely animal prints in fresh pastel colours.

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Get acquainted with colourful wallpaper prints and robust textures brimming with fascinating details that invite the world into your home.

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Plains & Murals

‘Plains & Murals’ pays tribute to the history of this small, idiosyncratic country, home to Grandeco, with a strong collection of murals and uni’s.

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Aurora 2022

Bring the feeling of holiday home with Aurora, this timeless wallpaper collection inspired by the tactile world and artisan products of the Indonesian islands.

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