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Our Brands

Our brands are like people: they each have their own special character. And since your favourite wall decoration says a lot about who you are and what style of interior decoration you like, our product range is tailored to a fascinating variety of different personalities.

Exceptional wall decoration with international allure that reflects our Belgian textile heritage. With GrandecoBoutique we are specifically targeting customers seeking an added value. Each wall is a canvas and together we will transform yours into a masterpiece of refined patterns, delicate finishings and superior materials.

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These are our evergreens: timeless and high-quality. The designers of our WallFashion collections tell the most wonderful tales, each centred around a different theme, such as nature or world cities. The WallFashion wallpaper collection is available in different widths: 53 and 106 centimetres.

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Our lifestyle collections reflect your personality: joyful, loving, daring or just totally zen. With GrandecoLife you plunge into a sea of emotions which reflect your mood of the moment. Let your walls come to life in your own individual style. Dream, create and decorate!  

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Blown vinyl wallpaper (expanyl) with trendy patterns inspired by European high street culture. We like to give a twist to natural elements, and Vertical Art is a clear demonstration of our love for graphical designs. Ideal for a leisurely DIY project!

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With the acquisition of Holden Decor, Grandeco acquired a brand in 2020 that combines respect for tradition and craftsmanship with modern design concepts and innovative, complementary production techniques. The result is an innovative wall decoration product of the highest quality. Holden, a UK-based family business, designs and produces fine wallpaper in Darwen, which is the birthplace of modern wall decoration industry.

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Recently, the Grandeco group added Wall!Supply to its portfolio. This market leader in decorative 3D Panels designs, produces and sells trendy wall decoration products in the DIY segment. These panels have the lifelike appearance of, for instance, a brick wall, a wood-panelled wall, glass mosaics or textile fabric. They are easy to apply to a wall and transform your home into a unique living space.

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