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Primary School Gaaf's Journey with Virus-Killing Wallpaper

Since Grandeco's virus- and bacteria-killing wallpaper was launched, several people have already chosen this exceptional wall decoration.

So did Principal Sofie De Pauw of primary school Gaaf in Aalst (BE).

Why did you choose the Atmosphere x Pure&Protect wallpaper?

We wanted to give our new quiet room a makeover. For us, it is valuable that we not only teach children, and help them grow, but also provide them with the necessary peace during busy school life. To create a calming environment, we have designed a “quiet time area”, where the choice of furnishings is important.

We were introduced to the Pure&Protect concept through a mutual acquaintance, and it seemed the perfect way to offer our school an extra layer of protection.

The Atmosphere collection has a beautiful range of colours, but we deliberately chose a neutral colour to be more calming. The whole texture of the wallpaper provides the necessary warmth to give the room a cosy feel. So, we created a pleasant space for our little ones.

What appealed to you most about this wallpaper collection?

When I heard that there was wallpaper that could kill viruses within the hour, drastically reducing the risk of serious respiratory infections, it caught my imagination enormously. How is this possible? And is this even healthy?

The provider of this wallpaper showed me the university studies and the research done to come up with this product. The Belgian company Sichem developed a patented virus- and bacteria-killing product that, together with Grandeco (the Belgian manufacturer of wallpaper), was applied during the production process as a coating on the wallpaper. This forms an additional layer with the added advantage that it makes the wallpaper extra washable and very resistant to frequent rubbing. Ideal for a room where many children's hands pass along the wall.

When I asked whether there would be no foreign substances released in the quiet room during the elimination process, the answer turned out to be a clear 'no'. The positively charged particles in the layer mechanically switch off the negatively charged viruses as soon as they come into contact through air movement. So, no other substances are released into the air, which to me is very reassuring.

Our little ones deserve a safe and healthy environment.

Sofie De Pauw on virus-killing wallpaper

How do you like the wallpapered space now that it has been hanging there for a few weeks?

We like the space very much. We have noticed the functional benefits, as well as a positive change in the atmosphere. It has added a sense of security that everyone appreciates, and the room also seems more 'complete' and dressed up. The wallpaper gives a warm feeling. We also got nice reactions from parents after seeing our space and hearing the story behind it. Some emphasised the aesthetic value, while others felt reassured by the extra protection.

Would you recommend it to other schools or public spaces?

Definitely! We have had very positive experiences with Atmosphere x Pure&Protect and would highly recommend it. Especially in other schools or places with many children, I think it would be a good way to reduce the risk of spreading diseases. I also think of other spaces like doctor's offices, hospitals or care homes where this would be a good application. A lot of vulnerable people visit these places, so it can only help.

Would you undertake further spaces under wallpaper?

Absolutely. If conditions allow, we will consider using the wallpaper in other spaces as well.

Primary School Gaaf

*Source photo Sofie De Pauw: (www.bsgaaf.be) 


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