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Atmosphere x Pure&Protect: A Health-Driven Choice for GP Practice

A GP Practice in Tielt (BE) recently opted for the Atmosphere x Pure&Protect wallpaper from Grandeco, known for its virus- and bacteria-killing properties. 

Why did the practice choose this option?

The decision to use Atmosphere x Pure&Protect wallpaper was driven by our curiosity about the technology used and its scientific foundation. After obtaining information about the scientific research conducted by Sichem, the company behind the virus-killing technology, and the study from the University of Liège (Belgium) demonstrating its effectiveness, we were convinced of its authenticity and added value.

It was essential for us that the protective layer on the wallpaper quickly kills viruses, considering the diverse group of sick and vulnerable people using our waiting room. As medical professionals, we strive for a healthy and safe environment for both our patients and staff, and therefore, we understand the importance of preventive measures to minimize the spread of germs.

What appealed to you most about this wallpaper collection?

The most convincing aspect was the scientifically supported technology behind the virus- and bacteria-killing coating. The collaboration between Sichem and Grandeco, backed by university studies, gave us the confidence that the wallpaper not only had aesthetic appeal but also provided a practical and effective solution for minimizing infection risks. The fact that no harmful substances are released into the air during the elimination process was also of great importance to us.

We opted for a solid grey colour to create a calm atmosphere in the waiting room, where patients can feel comfortable without being overstimulated.

It is pleasant to work in a comfortable space with a sense of safety and protection.


How do you like the wallpapered space now that it has been hanging there for a few weeks?

We are very satisfied with the results. We notice that patients come for consultations with peace of mind when they are informed about the virus- and bacteria-killing properties of the wallpapered waiting room. Especially from parents with young children, we often hear that they prefer not to enter for one ailment and leave with another.

We have received many positive reactions, and it is also pleasant to work in a comfortable space with a sense of safety and protection.

Additionally, the extra layer provides good durability, which is certainly beneficial in a practice space.

Would you recommend it to other GP practices or public spaces?

Yes, we would definitely recommend the Atmosphere wallpaper to other GP practices and public spaces. Given the positive experiences and its effectiveness, we believe it is a valuable investment for places where people gather, especially in environments where health is a priority, such as schools and medical facilities. The wallpaper can make an effective contribution to reducing infection risks.

Would you undertake further spaces under wallpaper?

Yes, if the opportunity arises, we will certainly consider applying wallpaper to other areas in our practice. The positive experiences in the waiting room encourage us to harness the protective properties of this wallpaper in other parts of the practice, allowing us to maintain a healthy and safe environment for both staff and patients. This aligns with our motto: better to prevent than to cure. 😉


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