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How to wallpaper a headboard

If there’s one thing that the global pandemic has taught us, it’s that we’re self-confessed DIY enthusiasts. We love getting creative in our homes and letting our personalities truly shine. So, roll up your sleeves, because here comes your next DIY challenge. A small project with a big impact: wallpapering your headboard.


Draw a straight line

A good start is half the battle. Draw a clear straight line on your headboard using a spirit level and pencil to ensure that your wallpaper looks nice and straight. Tip: Using a patterned wallpaper? Then start in the centre of your headboard to bring the wallpaper design fully to the fore.


Apply the paste to your headboard

Prepare the wallpaper paste as directed in the instructions for use. With the paste-the-wall wallpaper (link) from Grandeco, the paste is applied directly to the walls and not the wallpaper. Apply the paste directly to your headboard and spread evenly over the surface.


Hang the first strip

Align the wallpaper to the straight line that you drew on your headboard. Leave some excess wallpaper at the top and bottom for ease of trimming. In this how-to guide, we chose to cover the top of the headboard with wallpaper as well. That way the wallpaper doesn’t stop at the edges and you can clean the headboard more easily without risking the wallpaper coming off.


Smooth down the wallpaper using a wallpaper spatula

Use a spatula to remove any air and excess paste between the headboard and wallpaper. Please note: always use an upwards and downwards motion. Working from left to right can stretch the wallpaper. Remove any excess paste with a cloth.


Trim the excess wallpaper

Cut off any excess wallpaper at the top and bottom using a spatula and a sharp knife.


Hang the next strip

Align the seams accurately to ensure a flawless continuation of your wallpaper pattern. Please refer to the instructions on the label of the wallpaper roll for guidance. Tip: is this your first wallpapering project? Then lay the pattern out on the floor. That way you can see how things fit together before using the paste. Repeat until your headboard is covered. You can then make a start on styling your bedroom!


  • Don’t yet have a headboard for your bed? You can readily saw a wooden panel to measure in all good DIY stores. Choose for a headboard that’s at least 50 cm (20 inches) wider on both sides of the bed and measures a minimum of 120 cm (50 inches) in height.
  • Attach the panel directly to the wall for a sleek and stylish look. Prefer a more traditional design statement? Then add more depth by creating a frame of +- 20 cm (7 inches) around the panel.
  • Fill and sand any drill holes.
  • Prepare your panel using a primer.
  • Cover the sides of the headboard with a coat of paint or wallpaper using the same wallpaper as on the wall.

Which wallpaper motif will you choose to give your bedroom a beautiful new look?

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