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50 shades of brick

Brick is back. If you don't have a brick wall in your house, or if you'd like to be able to make an easy trend switch in a few years, you can create the same look with brick wallpaper. From a loft style with a wall mural to wallpaper with a lifelike representation of the classic brick: the variations are endless and the printing techniques advanced. Let us show you the best.

1. Loft style with digital wallpaper

The industrial interior style has been a keeper for several years, and brick is part of that. With digital brick wallpaper in your kitchen or living room, you create an accent wall with a lifelike brick look and turn your home into a trendy loft. Want to learn how to best wallpaper a digital mural? This video shows you how.   



2. Brick wallpaper in Provence style

Oh, la douce France! With wallpaper with a true-to-life design of raw natural stone on the wall, you can imagine yourself in a charming cottage in the French Provence. Give your stone wallpaper a place in your living room, or around the fireplace for maximum coziness.

A different stone for each interior


3. Brick wallpaper with a natural look

For the lovers of the classic brick, we also have a wallpaper with a natural brick look in true New York condo style. From intense red to stylish black: the colours are realistic and varied. A nice plus: brick wallpaper does give you the natural look, but not the maintenance that comes along with a real brick wall (because of dust or crumbling stones).



4. Wallpaper with a weather-beaten brick look

Would you like to add a bit of nonchalance to your clean Scandinavian interior? Then choose an accent wall with a weather-beaten brick look wallpaper. The colour variants run from light to very dark, and you're certain to have a hyper-realistic presentation because of the current printing techniques. Want to bet you can't tell the difference?


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