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Jungle Luxe with warm colours and a shiny touch

Who does not like the jungle and plant trend? In recent years, almost every interior design enthusiast has introduced tropical and botanical prints and we will be adding even more to that. Warm, dark colours, the glossy finish combined with velvet fabrics give the jungle trend a luxurious look. The more sumptuous, the better - and we can only be happy about that.

This is how you create this new interior design trend with wallpaper:

1. Dark colours & warm tones

The Jungle Luxe interior design trend replaces bright accents with dark colours, such as black and brown. Jungle Luxe fans choose dark green as the colour for their interior. Be inspired by exotic fauna and flora and think in terms of a lot, lush and never enough!

my2403 m
jf3401 m rgb


Tip: Your interior immediately looks a lot more luxurious when you combine dark colours with shiny, velvet fabrics.  In this way, your interior will be redecorated in an eclectic style.

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my1102 m rgb

If you choose wild wallpaper with a busy tropical print, keep the rest of your interior calm. The combination with warm, ochre plain wallpaper is now very popular. 


2. Glossy accents

You can also opt for geometric wallpaper with silver or gold accents. After all, in a Jungle Luxe interior, it is not always the leaf motifs that take the lead. Even wallpaper with ethnic patterns is much welcomed.

my3501 m
my3304 m

3. Big, bigger, biggest wall mural

Don't you have green fingers, but do you still want to turn your house into a botanical paradise? Then a wall mural is a nice alternative. GrandecoLife has a collection containing beautiful photographic wallpaper creating a real atmosphere in your home with a vintage black and white look or with colourful palm trees and Calathea leaves.

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jf6101 m

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