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Creative photo wallpaper for your modern interior

Want to give your modern interior a makeover? With an XL mural, you can transform your wall into an eye-catcher to die for. And at the same time, your wallpaper is the voice that says who you are. Therefore, first of all, choose a print that matches your personal style. Need inspiration? Here you will discover five themes from Grandeco WallFashion Group's Mural Young Edition collection. Each theme includes creative, distinct prints that – conveniently! – are easy to hang.


With a mural, you can accentuate one or more walls, giving your space a different look. If you choose wallpaper from Grandeco WallFashion Group's Mural Young Edition collection, you will enhance that stunning effect. This is all to do with the XL format and the detailed print quality. Moreover, the wallpaper is easy to apply and long-lasting, as it is washable, light- and scratch-resistant.

To make your space tell your story, choose wallpaper that matches your personal style. It's up to you to choose which kind of design matches it:

sea and beach

1. Photo-realistic prints

Nothing cosier than browsing photo albums: musing on the past or dreaming of the future. This is precisely why photo-realistic wallpaper is high on the favourites list of the average interior lover. Recognisable? Whether you prefer nature, cities or art, the hair-fine print quality makes every design look lifelike

With photo-realistic wallpaper, you imagine yourself in another world. Thus, the alluring combination of sea and beach makes you dream of holidaying in a sun-soaked destination. Or go on a trip to Yosemite and look out at the mighty El Capitan. You can also choose to have your mural emphasise the symbolism of your design, such as wallpaper with feathers evoking freedom.

El Capitan



2. Nature prints

Want to recharge your batteries during a long walk in the woods or mountains? Wallpaper with a nature print lowers your stress levels and brings peace of mind. A zen feeling to enjoy every day – at your kitchen table, on the couch or another favourite spot.

To take your heart into nature, upgrade your interior with a soothing mountain landscape in warm earth tones. Or treat yourself to an adventurous safari through the jungle, surrounded by zebras, giraffes and palm trees. For a hearty dose of spring vibes, brighten up your room with a playful painted nature scene.

nature scene

mountain landscape in warm earth tones
safari through the jungle

concrete wall

3. Abstract prints

Do you like to let your imagination run wild? You can attach your own story to wallpaper with an abstract print. This makes such a mural inspiring and challenging. Abstract art gives you that freedom of interpretation by breaking free from reality and playing with shapes, lines and colours.

For an industrial atmosphere, line your wall with a realistic image of a concrete wall. Spicier than classic white, but equally sleek and minimalist. It also makes your space look bigger. Geometric wallpaper provides the same effect: you create the illusion of depth with playful hexagons. A nod to Mother Nature? Blue ray in bloom evokes spring fever and reflects infinity.

playful hexagons
blue ray in bloom

4. Mystical prints

Daydreaming every day in your favourite place in the house? Mystical wallpaper includes designs with a dreamy character or designs that exude feminine energy. There, the focus is not on action, but on your experience in the moment – think of dancing or enjoying nature.

If you like minimalism, subtle line drawings are for you, like a stylish mural with women's faces. Prefer different technology but equally delicate design? Ballerinas in watercolour dance their way to your wall. If it can be a touch more, be won over by a bold mix of watercolour flowers and a deer antler.

mural with women's faces

ballerinas in watercolour
watercolour flowers and a deer antler

graffiti wallpaper

5. Street & style prints

A fondness for busy metropolises and the urban art that pops up there? Find your favourite among designs taken from the streets – lively, bold and often colourful. The designs fit a modern interior design style with an informal, casual character.

With graffiti wallpaper you can bring your room to life in the blink of an eye. The combination with brick gives the mural a creative, industrial look. Prefer a familiar view? Decorate your space with the typical 'city highlights' of London, wrapped in a vintage jacket. For a comic note, apply wallpaper with smileys: a smile or two guaranteed. 

city highlights of London
wallpaper with smileys



Uni wallpaper for balance

Bring your XL mural to life on an accent wall, then you can cover the rest of your space with uni wallpaper. Such plain wallpaper exudes tranquillity and therefore creates balance in your interior. Moreover, there is a special touch to it: while from a distance you see one uniform colour, up close you discover a mix of shades and textures.

In the uni wallpaper range, you will find a wide colour palette. For a cohesive look, go for a shade that matches your mural.

How to: 'paste-the-wall' technique

Difficult to choose from a range of creative designs? Because the Mural Young Edition designs are printed on high-quality vinyl wallpaper, the murals leave no residue on your wall and you can restyle your interior as often as you like. Moreover, you don't need much job experience and materials for it.

Here's how it works: unlike paper wallpaper, you don't apply glue to the wall, you glue the wallpaper. You then apply it immediately, because you don't need to allow for soaking time. In a short video discover how to apply your mural.

To repeat the design of your mural, hang two or more rolls side by side. Thanks to the digital printing process, colours look equally even in every corner and wallpapers blend seamlessly.

Find the wallpaper of your dreams

Need more inspiration? Dive into the Mural Young Edition collection and opt for the style that best suits yours.


Discover the mural Young Edition collection


Mural Young Edition

The Mural Young Edition collection reads like a book filled with fascinating stories. Get inspired by bold designs with a meticulous print quality.

Discover the collection

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