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Light Industrial, a soft industrial interior

Good news for those who love brick, weathered materials and sturdy metal: an industrial interior will continue to be a great choice. Nevertheless, we spot a slight evolution in the trend, since the industrial character is becoming more refined and just that little bit more cosy with the arrival of soft and neutral tones and light fabrics. Hello Light Industrial! This is how you create this interior trend with wallpaper:

1. Weathered wallpaper

In an industrial interior you will add an extra touch with wallpaper with neutral, weathered wall effects. It is ultra-realistic and in combination with transparent, light furniture also completely in tune with the Light Industrial interior design trend.


170803 m rgb
wl1201 m rgb

2. Wallpaper with wood design

The Light Industrial trend unites old and new in an interior full of character. For example, furniture can be upcycled and wallpaper with an old wood pattern can be combined with soft, light fabrics.


wl1003 wanderlust
wl1403 m

3. Wallpaper with a brick look

The brick wall also remains a feature in a Light Industrial interior. Choose wallpaper with a brick look, because it looks just as real and is much easier to maintain. It will add a wonderful loft feeling to your interior in no time.


wl3301 m
wl2204 m rgb

4. Industrial wall mural

Do you have all the space you need? Then choose a great wall effect and opt for a wall mural with a brick look. That's photographic, lifelike wallpaper with a big wow factor. With a wall mural from Grandeco your home gets a trendy eyecatcher.


a42301 m rgb
a54301 m

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