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Japandi, a natural, minimalist interior

Anyone looking for peace and quiet at home in these hectic times may fancy the Japandi interior design trend. This name is a contraction of 'Japan' and 'Scandi' and stands for the combination of Scandinavian minimalism and oriental elements. Natural structures, warm colours and striking accents: we are also applying in wallpaper.

1. Natural structures

If we can learn something from oriental culture, it is to take time to reflect. If you want to create a zen spot in your home, you can use wallpaper with calm colours, tactile details and natural structures, such as reed and cork.


Aurora 2022
Plains & Murals

2. Perfect imperfection

Nothing is more beautiful than the transience of beauty. Wabi-sabi, or the pursuit of perfect imperfection, can be achieved in your home with wallpaper with weathered wall effects. The murals of Plains & Murals also fits perfectly within this interior design trend.


Plains & Murals
Wanderlust wl1201

3. Dark colours and striking contrasts

Now that we have had enough of the sober, clean Scandinavian style with its pastel shades, we are evolving into interiors that are darker and bolder with Japandi. Think in terms of striking contrasts in colour and structure. Green with black, concrete with dark oak: it is all possible. And it gives your home a lot more character.


Elementum ee1105
Plains & Murals pm1016

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