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Inspiration boost: wallpaper in your living room

Your living room remains the cosiest place in your home for convivial get-togethers or some welcome peace and tranquillity. This room therefore warrants the necessary attention in terms of interior decoration. Our four style tips below will ensure that your living room is on trend and simultaneously enable you to enjoy your most inviting room to the full.

Wabi Sabi

Our love affair with wabi sabi endures. Particularly when it comes to your living room; the ideal place to relax and unwind after a hectic day. Say hello to a living room with perfectly imperfect details: natural textures, warm colours and soothing accents.

 pm6201 m

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ce6001 m 72dpi

Grey 2.0.

For those who find white too traditional yet prefer to avoid vibrant colours, grey strikes the perfect balance. You can readily apply this shade throughout your interior, including in your living room. Combine to your heart's content with natural materials and grey leaf motif wallpapers for added depth.

livingroom natural wallpaper leaf beige gray ce3402 m
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Invite the outside in with flowers

They’re a huge hit on Instagram and can be found in the living rooms of interior design influencers the world over: dried flowers are hot news and a great way to invite natural, delicate textures into your home.

Prefer something more bold? Then go for an XL flower mural from our Plains & Murals collection. These flowers never fade and can be relied upon to retain their intensity over the years.

pm1204 m
pm6001 m

All curves

Get your interior in shape by opting for bold patterns with curved motifs. Circles and curves are all the rage and make a striking statement in your living room. A wallpaper with curved motifs adds a touch of style to every room.

Enhance the luxury and repeat the shapes in your interior. For example, add nice poufs to your living room, totally trendy and ideal for cosy winter evening with your family.

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pm6601 m

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