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Around the world with GrandecoBoutique wallpaper

The world is our greatest source of inspiration. It shapes how we travel, how we dress and how we decorate our homes. Our blue planet continues to fascinate and amaze the Grandeco design studio on a daily basis.

This article takes you on a journey, revealing where the GrandecoBoutique team found inspiration for the creation of their wallpaper collections: from vast expanses of water to the tiniest natural textures. Allow yourself to be transported and travel the world with GrandecoBoutique.

Take a dive in the Great Barrier Reef

This first wallpaper takes you on a dive in one of the most vibrant coral reefs in the world: the Great Barrier Reef. The design of our Lames De Corail wallpaper is based on the irregular and undulating shape of coral. The translucent micro-pearls create a subtle play of light that mimics the rough, whimsical effect of coral on your walls.

koralen ks1204 m
koralen 1

Voyaging through the jungle in the Philippines

The Vesoule wallpaper invites a sophisticated jungle motif into every home. Its beautiful tropical leaves, golden orchids and exquisite flowers branch elegantly across your walls, and the reflection of the sun on water is echoed in the mother-of-pearl finish. This sumptuous wallpaper transports you to a breathtaking Asian rainforest.

tropisch woud
tropisch woud cr3005 d3

Exploring Bolivia

The Fil à Fil wallpaper from the Nuances collection combines the contours of a mountain landscape with the iconic colours of Laguna Colora. This abstract interpretation of the beautiful salt lake in Bolivia is striking for its simplicity and enhanced by the sheen effect on its checked motif.

nu3003 m rgb

The world as our greatest source of inspiration

Wandering the Côte d'Azur

Whisk yourself away to the idyllic French Riviera with this colourful mural. This wall decoration features sunny coastal elements and combines eye-catching motifs from the Karin Sajo Paris collection. The mural measures 212 cm wide by 280 cm tall, and can be repeated over the entire wall if desired.

cote d'azur ks6001 m
cote d'azur canmandawe rfahrzjdew4 unsplash

Immerse yourself in a winter wonderland

When the heat is on, cool down in the beautiful landscapes of the Far North. The Fleur De Sel wallpaper from the Karin Sajo Paris collection was inspired by the complex shape of ice crystals. And the special flocking technique lends this tactile wallpaper a wonderfully soft, warm feel. In short: just what you need after a day wading through thick snow, spotting wild reindeer and marvelling at the northern lights.

ijs ks3307 d
ijs 1

Unwind with an aromatic cup of tea in China

Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea during your morning Tai Chi session, to the backdrop of this Chinoiserie wallcovering. This beautiful wall mural is inspired by Chinese paintings and hand painted to the finest detail for an alluringly artistic representation in your living room.

chinese culture oriento gy dn08336u unsplash
chinese culture cr6001 d6


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