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Geometric Balance for a stylish, surprising interior

The Scandinavian interior trend is evolving towards Geometric Balance. This trend combines cheerful pastel shades in wallpaper with balanced geometric patterns. You will find them in many styles: from retro to contemporary and from bright colours to soft tones, but always stylish and surprising. This is our selection:

1. The new Scandi

Geometric patterns form the DNA of a Scandinavian interior.  We are striving for the perfect balance and a smart decoration. This is possible with Grandeco's Paste-the-Wall wallpaper, which you can quickly attach and easily remove without leaving any residue on the wall. Watch our how-to video!

Do you like Geometric Balance? Then make sure your trend crush does not lead to an overdose. Go for geometric prints on the wall and keep the rest of your interior toned down.

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2. Cheerful pastel

All pastel colours are welcome in a Geometric Balance interior, but one will stand out anyway. That's chartreuse. Choose yellow wallpaper for a bold, energetic retro nod to the eighties.

3. Cool colourblocking

Colourblocking has long been a popular living trend for some time, but now we are clearly venturing into wallpaper with surprising colour combinations. Are you daring enough?

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4. Surprising with stripes

Anyone who is looking for something other than the familiar geometric patterns can also opt for wallpaper with drawn lines within the Geometric Balance interior trend. Wallpaper with finely detailed and whimsical lines is an alternative to the wide, clean striped wallpaper of yesteryear. It must remain balanced - that's for sure - but it doesn't necessarily have to be completely straight and perfect.

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